Come Dine With Me AGA
Cooking classes with British Chef Katie, at Cornflower Cottage, in the Upstate of South Carolina!
 Experience first hand why  the world has fallen in love with the AGA

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Customer Testimonials


Katie Blackmon and I met several years ago while walking our dogs at the beach.  Shortly afterward my husband and I received an invitation to have dinner with Katie and her husband Tony   Little did we know that the invitation was the preliminary to a culinary adventure for us!  Since that first lovely and amazing dinner we have been guests of the Blackmon's innumerable times.  Katie loves to cook and entertain.  To dine with her and Tony is like a grand experience in cuisine and hospitality.  Her menu is always an incredible surprise.  Its abundance of imaginative and delicious (beyond delicious) offerings is something we have never experienced in anyone else's home.  She frequently plans her menus, table settings and other decorations  around special celebrations such as Christmas, Independence Day, Guy Fawkes Day, St. Patrick's Day etc.  No matter how grand the scale of her entertaining  or the effort necessary Katie always makes it seem as if there is nothing she has enjoyed more.  Her guests always leave her table and her home with a warm glow of conviviality.  Our friendship with Katie and Tony has been a rare gift for my husband and me.

Susan Tillman, Edisto Island SC 29438

I would like to speak in especially high praise of Katie Blackmon's skills and reliability as a cook/baker.Our acquaintance was slight and only social when I got engaged and was looking for a very unusual wedding cake (a piece-montĂ© which, in American layperson's terms, is a pyramid of cream puffs, held together with hardened sugar syrup.)
We had talked to several professional bakers and no one cwas willing to make one. A few people seemed willing to try to order one but that was all we could find.Katie volunteered to make it and we eagerly accepted, not realizing what a complex job we had given her for such a high profile event (a huge wedding).

It was beautiful, truly delicious, and she made a well-timed delivery and presentation. This was 5 years ago, but I remember no concerns or issues whatsoever with the logistics -- not something every bride can say about her wedding day.

Since then we have enjoyed many a delicious meal with Katie and the items she contributes to the potluck parties are unfailingly delicious and a step-up from everyone else's.  If I can answer any further questions, I would be glad to.

Jennie Williamson Pezé, Darlington, SC

I have known Kate Blackmon for years.
 I cannot tell you how fortunate you folks are to have this delightful lovely British lady among you in your town.

I have enjoyed breakfast at Kate's that was just too good for words--perhaps I could say that it was simple, filling, healthy but most of all good for you---( and you did not know how good it was for you-she has a way of making things so healthy--but you don't realize that part.)

I have had lunch in her home---she can  turn a simple sandwich into an absolute masterpiece.

Supper is beyond words.  I was fortunate to have New Year's in her home.  I can tell you that I have eaten in New York City, France, Italy, and several of the Islands.  None compared to her Lamb with freshly made mint jelly , along with her red currant jelly, roasted vegetables, etc.......I could go on and on but have NO idea where I might find anything to satisfy me like Kate's creations.  If she invites you to a Dinner/Supper---RUN....GO.....she makes it seem so effortless and relaxing--nothing "stuffy" about it at all.  It's plain---plain Delicious !

I consider myself a good cook--she surpasses me by leaps and bounds.  Not to mention her kindness and elegance.    Kate is one of a kind.I visited Greer several times when my friend,  lived there. Kay is now in Portland and I am sorry she missed even one meal at Kate's. Now that my dear friend, Katie is in Greer gives me another reason to visit.  Thank goodness.  I also get to see her kitties, dogs, and Husband ( not necessarily in that order.)
I promise you this, If you feel lucky-roll the dice on Kate Blackmon. You will find  that you are more than 'lucky'--you hit the JackPot !!                       

  -Henriette Hall, Edisto Island. SC

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